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Who are you?


Who am I?

Perhaps you would laugh that in my 40s, I'm still questioning where I get my energy/ and how I get recharged. Funny, right?!

Even this past weekend, I was confiding to others that I have been reassessing myself. Especially after lockdowns, I found although I struggled being home, I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would.

All of my teens, and twenties I was told I was an extrovert, but life, maturing and experiences made me think perhaps I was an ambivert - flipping back and forth depending on the situation.

But now I'm in my forties, I'm wondering if I'm actually an introvert? I need space, nature and rest to process and recharge. I find big groups sometimes loud and daunting. How could I have gotten this far and still be figuring it out?

I love people, but I also love quiet.

I love having people over, but usually find my regular days fairly quiet.

I look forward to parties, but am always nervous beforehand.

I could live on a deserted island.

I think I'm learning I'm not who I thought I was...and it's ok. In fact, it's a bit freeing. On the weekend I gave myself permission to retreat from a gathering. I told myself it was my boundary and I needed to recharge. I also yelled to my internal voice, that I would be ok in missing out, because I was recharging and caring for myself.

How are you energised?

How do you recharge?

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