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Painting to music

I am very excited to share that I was contacted recently by NYC composer and pianist Margin Alexander. He found my work on Instagram (chazowncreative) and he was intrigued by my painting, “In the Bush”. He is a gifted musician and composer who has performed in Carnegie Hall and all over the world, but he is also interested in using visual art as a kind of muse to inspire some of his musical compositions. He collaborates with artists, using their pieces as inspiration for his music. He asked if he could use this image in his upcoming performance in New York on August 22nd, and I agreed.

If you're interested in watching his performance of this musical piece and several other painting-inspired compositions by Margin Alexander, tickets are available through or by email through Margin Alexander's management team:

The performance will be live-streamed from NYC on August 22nd at 7 pm EDT (9am Aug 23rd, Melbourne time). I'll be watching right along with you!

A New York City metropolitan area - based composer & pianist with a soul full of energy and fantasy in his original work. From his beginnings Margin discovered that his ultimate mission as a composer / performer was to touch as many hearts as possible with his music. His strong commitment and his unique creativity led him to develop some unorthodox composition techniques that would intertwine the traditional with the new style in order to develop a unique genre of music that would be embraced by everyone.

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