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A glass half full

I have once again been captivated by the juxtaposition of light and dark in the skies. It's incredibly striking and one of my favourite moments to photograph: the glimmer of light beside the stark black is breathtaking. But, with this mix comes the impeding likelihood of a great rain, all the while we are hoping for a shift with the little bit of sun peaking through.

While having my morning coffee today, I was reflecting on this. And isn't life often this dichotomy: light and dark intertwined. We don't often have a full glass in life, but it's neither empty either. There are so many things to be thankful for and to find joy in. That's why it can be incredibly helpful to slow down, being mindful in each situation to find hope and to see the glass as half full rather than the alternative.

Our lives are also more stunning for embracing and making our way through life's storms. Because we all have our storms, we just need to continue to look for the moments of joy along the way. Frankly, the clouds look all the more dramatic highlighted by the light. And just like the light, our seasons will have ups and downs, but we'll rejoice all the more in the title of, 'overcomer, warrior, hopeful ', because we've held onto the light and made it through the darkness.

So, as the gloomy weather and cold comes, look for the little possibilities and glimmers of hope in the day. CHOOSE to look for 'half full' moments and choose to keep hoping for rainbows. Rainbows are evidence of light amidst the storms, and beauty and hope shine through even when life seems bleak. #hope#half full #positivevibes#positivity#lightanddarkness#hopeshines#chazowninspire#chazowncreative2023#ChazownCreative#winterblah#stormsoflife#pondering#mondaymotivation#mondaymusings

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