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Shop: Original Paintings

Welcome! This is Rachel's page where she shares one of her special loves - painting.

(All the works are available for purchase. If you click on the image you can find further details about each item. And of course, if you see something you're interested in but it's not quite right for you, you can either send Rachel an email to either ask questions or head to the commission page to begin a discussion for your own unique piece).

The ART of slow living:

As Rachel Williamson continued to evolve in her work, she realized her passion for a different way of living became her focus:  a life focusing on balance and all-encompassing welfare. She is passionate about living from a lifestyle of rest and joy, and her art work flows from this way of thinking. She believes that life is busy enough and so we should be mindful in moment, taking notice of the little sparks that bring happiness. She believes we grow by being in community with each other, being in nature, and finding purpose that our gifts can bring the world.

'Back to Basics: The art of living slowly'; was realizing that she wanted her work to express a mindful, faith-focused perspective, by living purposefully and pursuing peace. She attempts to practice slow living, meaning intentionally living life in a slower pace, with a holistic and relaxed approach. She hopes this is expressed in her body of work.

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