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Streeettccching myself this year:

This year a word for me has been about stretching myself. About stepping out and challenging myself to be more in the community and not hide out. That doesn't mean I have been trying for everything. I have been select in what I have put my name towards, particularly to keep my balance with family and for myself.

But, I have committed to a few online galleries, talks and markets. I am excited to see what doors will open as a start with my stepping out.

I'm also excited to see my art work on my FIRST tea towel that I've created with @thelinenpress It is amazing when you see your hard work lying literally in front of you in your hands.

The real challenge begins with these commitments in the second half of 2023. I always like re-evaluating as we get to different stopping points in the year. Mid way is another check point for me. How is my growth, my stretching now that I am half way?

What are you stretching your hands towards in this second half of the year?

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