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Two books under my belt

It's exciting and surreal to say that I now have written two children's books. I have worked hard writing and illustrating these two books and I am proud to share them with you.

From little ideas sparked these two books. 'The Neighbourhood Jungle' came from the idea that my family and I had so many interesting animals right in our own backyard- a parade of interesting and exciting things to watch. But, sometimes when our lives are so busy, we don't stop enough to take in our surroundings. This book highlighted for me the need to be still, to listen to what's around us and take notice. Children especially need time to slow down, be creative in nature and de-escalate from their busy days.

'The Mouse Motel' on the other hand became a book about families- a family of mice watching a human family and learning from them. They learned how to be close, to be kind, to have fun and be a team. It wasn't meant to particularly meant to have a moral, but to share a story.

I think in our modern world we have gotten very stuck on things always having a point, a moral or learning aim, but sometimes it is just nice to journal through a simple story, to smile and feel peace.

I hope my little children's stories will make you feel this way.

Do you have a story to share?

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