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I'm an author!

It is official now! It has been a long time coming. I have dreamed of writing and illustrating since I was a little girl. It is so special to have it happen. I have written a book about the encounters we have had as a family with Australian animals in our backyard. It really is amazing all the wildlife we can see just in your own neighbourhood. The book didn't actually start with a particular message, but I've found it getting a powerful voice as I've finished and been reflecting on the book.

We are living in such a hurried and rushed world. Unfortunately many kids fall into this crazy cycle too. Many kids don't have time or space to breathe, explore, use their imagination and be kids. Being in nature helps regulate so many things, and in order to discover little treasures in nature, you have to quiet your body and be patient.

I hope you will find this book special and that it unlocks at time of quiet reflection for you and your kids.

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