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Dreaming a little....

Recently I was challenging others to not let the art of writing die a sad death. We are so used to zipping onto different forms of technology that a lot of us have lost the ability to sit down and write with pen and pencil. And of course we can write on many different platforms/mediums, but there is something special about seeing your words down before you on paper or receiving a hand-written card from someone.

So, I challenge you - don't let the Art of writing die. Even if it feels silly, grab a notebook and jot down a reflection, a whimsical thought for the day, a poem, or create a card for someone and use a pen!

I thought I would challenge myself too. I've been thinking about dreams lately - certainly dreaming in the night, but also about the dreams that I still have for my life.

Dreams aren't supposed to stop when you reach a certain age. I pray I will dream on till the day I die. To dream is to have purpose, vision and revelation. Perhaps that is why I named my business Chazown, for this is what it means. To be inspired by a purposeful dream, vision or revelation. I still dream of land as far as the eyes can see. To be surrounded by mountains and trees. To be able to wake in the morning and smell the crisp morning air fresh for the night rain. I still long to work on the land and make things with my own hands. I want to see my children have more space and be able to play freely. I want to write more stories and create images that will cause people to smile, laugh and tear up with memories of their own. I want to encourage others to find their identity, to not shy away from it, but learn how to stand strong tall and proud at their gifts and talents and to share with others.

There are so many dreams yet to dream and these are only a few for me, but there is some special in being able to write them down. When the dreams are put to pen they start to have more meaning. When you see them on a page, there is a new accountability and the ache for more won't be satiated. So, keep dreaming and put them to paper. Perhaps then these deep heart dreams won't just be a thought, but will happen because you spoke them out loud.

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