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Unique Art Pieces:

There's something very special about envisioning your own art pieces for your home or work space. I love creating a special piece that is exactly what you are looking for.

A little bit about my commission work - How it works

I only take on a few through the year, so make sure you contact me if you do have a special piece in mind to give us enough time to collaborate.


I paint in both acrylic and water colour work. I varnish all my acrylic paintings when they’re finished.  All works have a verification document that gets added to the painting (signed, dated and titled).


How long does it take? It usually takes a month to 8 weeks to complete a work depending on size.

The process:

1. We will meet or chat via video/email and discuss what you are after. You provide a high-resolution image to refer to.

2. After we have determined a vision for the piece you are wanting, a 20% deposit is required to get started on your painting. I require a commitment paper signed with your deposit. This ensures me that you are committed to this process and I can proceed with buying the required equipment for your painting

3. I will create a rough mock-up to give you an idea of the painting and we will finalize plans.

4. I will finish and complete work, sending it to you.

Rate Fee:

I base my fee per square inch. So, a larger painting in inches, increases the painting price.

My initial fee is without framing included, but it can be added to your piece for an additional cost.


Let's Chat


Thanks for submitting!

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