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Recapture- Women's Retreat

Our aim is for women to learn to cope and navigate the stress and anxiety that comes with life’s changes. Presented with new skills, you will learn new strategies to look after yourself holistically for healing and to unwind. Relaxing sessions intermixed with Art workshops, nature walks and laughter, will have you feeling that you are recapturing the real you!


Where: Chestnut Hill conference center

When: February 17-19, 2023

Price: Value $800, Three option choices of payment and participation

Who invited: Women seeking a refresh and re centering time.

Recapture is an escape to the countryside to focus on you! As women we are wired to care and nurture those around us, and too often we find ourselves tired, struggling and depleted. We need time to retreat in order to process and nurture our own mind, body and spirit, for growth and healing.


At this weekend retreat we will be targeting therapeutic practices that support relaxing your body and assist in healing both mind and physical healing. Along with two Art workshops tuning into your own emotions to let go of pent-up hurts in reaching for freedom. With good food and great company, this weekend will surely be a retreat well spent on you! Recapture hope, joy, possibility and dreams! Rediscover your road for healing.

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