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WELCOME! It is such a

pleasure to have you here.

My hope is that you would find your own tranquility in nature pieces I have created. Painting and writing have given me such immense pleasure and purpose; I hope you will find your purpose too.  Nature has especially spoken to me to be still, to wait and not be anxious. As you walk through my nature pieces, may you also learn that life is in the little moments of stillness, especially in the secret place.

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Rachel's creations available in store

Rachel is really thrilled to share that from May 1st, she will have a selection of her creations available in a local store, Chirnside Park Mall (Victoria, Australia), in Emporium at the Park.

If you are local, come look and browse at the many creative maker's products while you stroll around with a coffee in hand.

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Online Course is LIVE..

In her work, Rachel Williamson discusses the challenging but rewarding journey of discovering your unique artistic voice. She highlights the importance of self-exploration, embracing one's individuality, and staying motivated and supported throughout the process.

Head to to find my course, 'Discovering your creative voice' and to work through the 1 hour long material.

ONLY $29.99


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